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Photos illuminated by the sun of the Southern Alpes: Ubaye and Durance valleys, Alpes de Haute Provence, Hautes Alpes, Prealpes de Digne-les-Bains (France), and Argentera (Italy).

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Friedrich Nietzsche (1891) (translated by Thomas Common; see complete text)

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3. Backworldsmen

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ONCE on a time, Zarathustra also cast his fancy beyond man, like all backworldsmen. The work of a suffering and tortured God, did the world then seem to me.

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The dream- and diction- of a God, did the world then seem to me; coloured vapours before the eyes of a divinely dissatisfied one.

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Good and evil, and joy and woe, and I and thou- coloured vapours did they seem to me before creative eyes. The creator wished to look away from himself,- thereupon he created the world.

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Intoxicating joy is it for the sufferer to look away from his suffering and forget himself. Intoxicating joy and self-forgetting, did the world once seem to me.

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This world, the eternally imperfect, an eternal contradiction's image and imperfect image- an intoxicating joy to its imperfect creator:- thus did the world once seem to me.

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Thus, once on a time, did I also cast my fancy beyond man, like all backworldsmen. Beyond man, forsooth?

Photo 8 (id: 017_3_004)


Ah, ye brethren, that God whom I created was human work and human madness, like all the gods!

Photo 9 (id: 017_4_001)


A man was he, and only a poor fragment of a man and ego. Out of mine own ashes and glow it came unto me, that phantom. And verily, it came not unto me from the beyond!

Photo 10 (id: 017_4_002)


What happened, my brethren? I surpassed myself, the suffering one; I carried mine own ashes to the mountain; a brighter flame I contrived for myself. And lo! Thereupon the phantom withdrew from me!

Photo 11 (id: 017_4_003)


To me the convalescent would it now be suffering and torment to believe in such phantoms: suffering would it now be to me, and humiliation. Thus speak I to backworldsmen.

Photo 12 (id: 017_4_004)


Suffering was it, and impotence- that created all backworlds; and the short madness of happiness, which only the greatest sufferer experienceth.

Photo 13 (id: 017_4_005)


Weariness, which seeketh to get to the ultimate with one leap, with a death-leap; a poor ignorant weariness, unwilling even to will any longer: that created all gods and backworlds.

Photo 14 (id: 017_5_001)


Believe me, my brethren! It was the body which despaired of the body- it groped with the fingers of the infatuated spirit at the ultimate walls.

Photo 15 (id: 017_5_002)


Believe me, my brethren! It was the body which despaired of the earth- it heard the bowels of existence speaking unto it.

Photo 16 (id: 017_5_003)


And then it sought to get through the ultimate walls with its head- and not with its head only- into "the other world."

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But that "other world" is well concealed from man, that dehumanised, inhuman world, which is a celestial naught; and the bowels of existence do not speak unto man, except as man.

Photo 18 (id: 017_6_003k)


Verily, it is difficult to prove all being, and hard to make it speak. Tell me, ye brethren, is not the strangest of all things best proved?

Photo 19 (id: 017_6_004)


Yea, this ego, with its contradiction and perplexity, speaketh most uprightly of its being- this creating, willing, evaluing ego, which is the measure and value of things.

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And this most upright existence, the ego- it speaketh of the body, and still implieth the body, even when it museth and raveth and fluttereth with broken wings.

Photo 21 (id: 017_7_001)


Always more uprightly learneth it to speak, the ego; and the more it learneth, the more doth it find titles, and honours for the body and the earth.

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