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ski-skin touring, La Grande Combe (2931m), France et l'Enclause (2712m), Italy, Mai-2002 :: [ english | deutsch | français ]


Photos illuminated by the sun of the Southern Alpes: Ubaye and Durance valleys, Alpes de Haute Provence, Hautes Alpes, Prealpes de Digne-les-Bains (France), and Argentera (Italy).

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Friedrich Nietzsche (1891) (translated by Thomas Common; see complete text)

Photo 1 (id: 025_1_002)


Just see these superfluous ones! They steal the works of the inventors and the treasures of the wise. Culture, they call their theft- and everything becometh sickness and trouble unto them!

Photo 2 (id: 025_2_002)


Just see these superfluous ones! Sick are they always; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper. They devour one another, and cannot even digest themselves.

Photo 3 (id: 025_2_003)


Just see these superfluous ones! Wealth they acquire and become poorer thereby. Power they seek for, and above all, the lever of power, much money- these impotent ones!

Photo 4 (id: 025_2_005)


See them clamber, these nimble apes! They clamber over one another, and thus scuffle into the mud and the abyss.

Photo 5 (id: 025_3_002)


Towards the throne they all strive: it is their madness- as if happiness sat on the throne! Ofttimes sitteth filth on the throne.- and ofttimes also the throne on filth.

Photo 6 (id: 025_3_003)


Madmen they all seem to me, and clambering apes, and too eager. Badly smelleth their idol to me, the cold monster: badly they all smell to me, these idolaters.

Photo 7 (id: 025_3_005)


My brethren, will ye suffocate in the fumes of their maws and appetites! Better break the windows and jump into the open air!

Photo 8 (id: 025_4_002)


Do go out of the way of the bad odour! Withdraw from the idolatry of the superfluous!

Photo 9 (id: 025_6_002)


Do go out of the way of the bad odour! Withdraw from the steam of these human sacrifices!

Photo 10 (id: 025_6_003)


Open still remaineth the earth for great souls. Empty are still many sites for lone ones and twain ones, around which floateth the odour of tranquil seas.

Photo 11 (id: 025_6_004)


Open still remaineth a free life for great souls. Verily, he who possesseth little is so much the less possessed: blessed be moderate poverty!

Photo 12 (id: 025_6_005)


There, where the state ceaseth- there only commenceth the man who is not superfluous: there commenceth the song of the necessary ones, the single and irreplaceable melody.

Photo 13 (id: 025_7_003)


There, where the state ceaseth- pray look thither, my brethren! Do ye not see it, the rainbow and the bridges of the Superman?-

Photo 14 (id: 025_8_002)


Thus spake Zarathustra.

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Photo 16 (id: 025_9_001)


Photo 17 (id: 025_9_002)

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Abreviations: AHP - Alpes de Haute Provence (04, France), FN - Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus spoke Zarathoustra - except if otherwise indicated), GD - , HA - Hautes Alpes (05, France), RS - Rudolf Steiner (Occult Science)

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